Less FB is definitely better.  Today I’m not getting a lot of traction on anything and have wasted some of my life on FB.  It confirms it’s a good thing to walk away from for me, as my old friend “moderation” continues not to actually be a friend at all.

Last weekend was Bay Team’s Western Regional.  A fantastic show, as it always is.  All my favorite things.  Challenging courses.  GRASS.  Sun.  Probably a bit too much sun, as I was aglow by the end of Friday and that wasn’t even a competition day.

Ten and Rave were entered and they did pretty well.  Where there were errors they were, of course, mine.

This show marks the close of our season for the most part.  The awkward bit, as with AKC, is that Nationals will mark the beginning of our next season.  Tough for me to figure out the periodization for that, and if I decide to throw in EO tryouts . . . ugh.  When will the time off happen?  I wish we could cluster all of the big events, except that of course I don’t.

In any case, I should probably be focusing on fitness for dogs and myself for the lead in to USDAA Nationals.

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