Making a habit

Well, apparently “every day” managed to skip, oh, four.

Cass’s birthday was 6/26.  She would have been 12 today.  Which seems pretty amazing, that it was all that long ago.

Yesterday at the camp site while Ky was on her 5 minute potty walk, she stepped in the biggest glop of pitch I’ve ever seen in my life.

90 minutes of panic, swearing, crying, scissoring, picking, washing, washing, and washing followed.  I didn’t even stop to take a picture, it was that terrifying and horrific to have her in a pitch boot on her left fore so bad that if there had been a reputable emergency vet at hand I might have taken her in.  Not to mention, really difficult for a dog to function with NO legs available on one side.  “Pro” tip.  Penetrating oil may not be something you really want all over yourself, your RV, and your dog, but it beats some of the possible alternatives in this situation.