Routine variables

Back home from 13 or so days on the road to California and back.  Another fantastic trip with a show on each end bookending some fun training at Nancy’s.

Take aways from the training include work on rear crosses and work on “don’t drift!”

Rave struggled mightily with bars on the first weekend we were south, with one in 6/8 runs.  I may have been (not proud here) rather ready to hang it up and move on if he’s not able to process better than that at 20″.  After a few days of training back at 24″, he went on to have one bar the following weekend, that I’ll take partial credit for, regardless of whose job it is, and one in Team Gamblers at the USDAA show.  So from 6/8 to 2/14.  Like getting our timing in place matters or something?

Fair amount of things to think about came up over the trip that I’m still processing, but if I wait until that is complete I will not have written anything *today.*

Getting into the routine of writing something daily, even if it’s mundane, includes writing when there are variables to the routine.  Next trip I will do a better job.

If you happen to have stumbled onto this location, you may have noticed things like that the sharing buttons are removed and there is no way to comment.  That’s because I’m doing this writing for *me* not for the wider world, and not to try to get attention or get reinforced by attention.